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I love working with silver and gemstones to create beautiful and timeless pieces of art jewelry for you. I am also very passionate about protecting the environment and the people and animals who live within it, especially when it comes to the mining industry and the materials I work with. I search out ethically obtained silver, gemstones and other materials and recycle whenever possible. I am meticulous about properly handling and disposing of the chemicals and other waste that can't be recycled and I use natural products whenever they are practical and available. The world we live in and the creatures we share it with are affected by everything we do and every choice we make. My goal is to do no harm and give back to the environment as it gives to me each day.

In that spirit, I am a huge supporter of Earthworks and everything they are doing to clean up the mining industry by raising awareness and changing policies. Most of us are unaware of the scope of damaging effects the mining industry has on our natural resources. Many of them don't provide proper protection for their workers who are often children. Earthworks has been successful in changing these deplorable conditions and ending the destruction of our oceans, rivers and streams along with the wildlife that live and depend on them. But they are just getting started. There is so much more we need to do.

Because I believe their work is the most important thing that has ever happened for the jewelry and gemstone industry, I am offering a 10% discount to anyone who signs the 'No Dirty Gold Pledge' at and a 25% discount to anyone who makes a donation of at least $10.00. This discount is good on your entire order at or This promotion is for a limited time but the end date has not yet been determined. Signing the pledge and supporting Earthworks can help ensure that the beautiful precious metal jewelry we love and wear doesn't make an ugly impact on the world we live in. Although it is called the 'No Dirty Gold Pledge', the work it supports helps clean up all mining operations because very often gold, silver, gemstones, minerals and other materials come from the same mines. You will find lots of information and ways to help at

Thanking you in advance for your support,

Carol Braden-Williams


  1. Lovely blog and I see we are like minded about preservation and recycling:)


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