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My new Sterling Silver Caligraphy Script Cuff Bracelets are here!

By popular demand, I have designed a new personalized sterling silver cuff bracelet available for custom orders now at SilverTrove on Etsy! Ultra feminine and super stylish wrist wear, in my exclusive Calligraphy Script style, that shows the world who you are. Have you ever been invited to a party, shopped for the perfect outfit and jewelry to express your individuality? Shopping for a new fashionable look is half the fun of being invited to the party and it just makes you feel so good to know you are going to look absolutely stunning. Then on the night of the party, you make your grand entrance only to see someone else wearing the same thing!!! The shock and horror of seeing someone else wearing your shoes, jewelry or clothes can turn a great night into a night of embarrassment and regret. A fashion catastrophe like that can turn a social diva into a wall flower. It's and unpleasant experience that can stick with you for years and make you a little gun shy about going to…