My new Sterling Silver Caligraphy Script Cuff Bracelets are here!

By popular demand, I have designed a new personalized sterling silver cuff bracelet available for custom orders now at SilverTrove on Etsy! Ultra feminine and super stylish wrist wear, in my exclusive Calligraphy Script style, that shows the world who you are. Have you ever been invited to a party, shopped for the perfect outfit and jewelry to express your individuality? Shopping for a new fashionable look is half the fun of being invited to the party and it just makes you feel so good to know you are going to look absolutely stunning. Then on the night of the party, you make your grand entrance only to see someone else wearing the same thing!!! The shock and horror of seeing someone else wearing your shoes, jewelry or clothes can turn a great night into a night of embarrassment and regret. A fashion catastrophe like that can turn a social diva into a wall flower. It's and unpleasant experience that can stick with you for years and make you a little gun shy about going to parties. But, if you have something custom made just for you, there's no way anyone else will show up looking like your twin. Start with this gleaming bracelet adorned with your name and made to last through a lifetime of pleasant occasions. My personalized pieces make great conversation starters too. Have you ever watched a man that will steal glances of you all night but never get the nerve to actually talk to you or even ask your name? A personalized bracelet or necklace can open the door to a night, or day, of great conversation. I like bracelets because sometimes I need something I can touch when I'm feeling nervous, but some of my more outgoing customers have actually ordered bracelets or necklaces with their phone numbers on them! That's a little scary but, wow, I admire their confidence! These also make the perfect gift when you want to show someone how much you care about them. Sometimes shopping for a gift just doesn't feel like enough, but a custom made personalized gift says so much about you and how you feel about the recipient. Guys, your special lady will love you even more if you buy her one of these bracelets! I expect these bracelets to be just as popular as my other Calligraphy Script pieces, so order early. My current turn-around time for custom orders is 12 weeks. (You can go directly to the bracelet listing by clicking on it's picture in my mini Etsy shop on the right. There you will be able to read all about the bracelet, how it is made and how you can order one.) Thanks for reading!


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