Swarovski Crystal Color Charts and Other Options

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This blog post will actually be a reference page where SilverTrove customers can come to select the Swarovski Crystal colors they would like on their jewelry.   As of this writing, my Sterling Silver Calligraphy Script Name Necklaces come with the option to choose Swarovski Elements crystal beads on each side of the name where it is attached to the chain, adding extra sparkle and color.  The other option would be to order an all sterling silver necklace without the crystals.

Below are two partial Swarovski Crystal color charts. You can view a complete Swarovski Crystal color chart with close-ups of each crystal here:  Swarovski Color Chart 2012   You'll find several new colors that aren't shown on the charts below.
Pearls are another option.  Swarovski makes beautiful crystal pearls in several sizes an many colors too. You can view the Swarovski Crystal Pearl color chart here: Swarovski Crystal Pearl Color Chart

All of these colors come in the bicone-shaped crystals, as shown on the charts.  Rondelle-shaped crystals are also available in most colors.  If you don't state a preference of bicone or rondelle, I will use whichever shape I have in stock.  I can order any shape or color you choose for your necklace at no additional charge.

For my larger sized name necklaces I use larger crystal beads, usually rondelles like the ones on this necklace:
 Rondelles come in most of the colors on the charts.  If you prefer to have larger bicone-shaped beads on your larger name necklace, I can order any color you choose from the four charts referenced in this post.
You can also order your name necklace with more than one crystal on each side in any combination of colors, shapes and sizes.  You may want to have three crystal beads on each side; a small bicone above and below a larger rondelle is a great choice for extra color, interest and sparkle.  I could even use round sterling silver beads above and below a crystal bead.  Swarovski crystal pearls can also be added to your necklace in various ways, such as two 4mm pearls with a 6mm pearl between them or two 4mm crystal bicones with a 6mm pearl between them.

For my customers who want to wear gold and silver jewelry together, I suggest any of the metallic gold crystal beads as shown on the Swarovski Crystal Color Chart 2012

Together we can come up with the perfect accents to suit your personal style.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Please let me know if you have any questions or special requests.

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